Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Audrey Griffin's - The Day I Took Off My Cape

The Day I Took Off My Cape is a brilliant guide for today’s active and multifaceted woman. An offshoot of her celebrated blog site Remove Your Cape, the debut book is an exciting chronicle of Audrey’s personal experiences, adventures, tips and techniques for leading a fulfilled and balanced life. A valuable handbook for power moms and CEOs alike, the book is an empowering tool for women who want to achieve greater family, career, and personal balance.
Covering everything from parenting and family management to relationships and personal growth, The Day I Took Off My Cape encourages women to remove their cape and let go of superhero mindsets and behaviors. Through simple, yet useful strategies, Audrey provides readers with the keys to take charge of their lives. Her messages are clear and focus on how women can reclaim their sanity, enhance their quality of life, and effectively manage the demands of family, work, and more.

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